A day at the Garden of Siloam

8:30  Picking up Children

Two vehicles pick up and drop off children and their families.

10:00 Arrival and Preparation

A day at the Garden of Siloam begins.

10:30 Morning Assembly

It is time for the children, families and staff to come together and become like a family.

10:50  Class Activity

It is time for children to have new experiences, to have a fun with other friends, to learn and be supported according to their needs.

10:50  Individual Therapy

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are given in parallel with class activities.

10:50  Family Gathering

While the children participate in the class activities, parents gather and have time of share their thoughts and feelings.

12:00 Playing Outside

The two classes come together and play as they enjoy.

13:30  Lunch Time

We strive to have the joy of living through food.

13:30  Brushing teeth & Preparing to go home

Oral hygiene is one of the key issues to maintain health of children with special needs. 

14:00  Go Home

Medical treatment & Therapy

Medical Treatment

Group Therapy

Once a week,  children are divided into 3 classes and conduct group activities, parent-child activities, etc.

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The Garden of Siloam

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