We Need Your Help!!

All of you are a part of Siloam Family!! We would like many people to know about us and to work together with us. There are several ways you can take action to support us. If you have other ideas on ways to assist us that are not on this lis, we warmly welcome them as well.


In kind donation

Education materials, toys, therapy / medical equipment, furniture, vehicles with good condition for transporting children (If you are living outside Kenya, we may not be able to receive most in kind donations due to transportation and duty, unless you can physically bring them to us.)

Be a technical / professional partner

We are looking for collaboration with professional organizations for related areas, technical advice, as well as volunteers for capacity building of our facilities and staff.

Partnership with individuals or groups

We are also looking for individuals or groups who can communicate and interact with our children, their families, and the parents support group through mail, visitation, Zoom etc.


Please let others know about our activities. Those who can assist managing HP, Facebook etc are also welcome!

And your prayer for the Garden of Siloam is more than anything!

Please contact us e-mail, or using the inquiry form from the following button.

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The Garden of Siloam

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Republic of Kenya