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The Garden of Siloam is working under the Koinonia Ministries (church ministries), to provide children with disabilities and their families with comprehensive care and understanding beyond their disabilities. Although all of the children under our care face daily challenges, their needs and situation hugely differ. We take this into consideration along with the individuals’ talents to provide them with the best care that we can.

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To be a society where people with special needs in Kenya can fulfil their individual potential and live a fully integrated life, experiencing and sharing God’s love

Our mission is to enable everybody in Kenya, whether or not they have special needs, to enjoy their lives and to participate in society by

1. Discovering and nurturing God given talents/gifts of people with special needs, and empowering them regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, social class and other factors

2. Raising awareness of Kenyan society through networking and advocacy so as to respond to the needs of people with special needs and their families 

We know it is not an easy job… but if nobody touches it, nothing is happening and we cannot improve quality of life of children with special needs in Kenya! To achieve this, we are working in partnership with the government of Kenya, other partner organizations, and also those who are supporting this project in one desire, to see these children thrive.


The logo of The Garden of Silom forms a beautiful garden with hands of different shapes, colors and sizes lining the tree of the cross that expresses Jesus' love in the middle of the garden.
The children of Siloam, their families, staff, and everyone who helps and prays for us in the trees of the Garden of Siloam are different in their nationalities, skin colors, age, faces, and what they can do. Each one is special, and it becomes even more beautiful by hanging on this tree.

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The Garden of Siloam

PO box 1261-00621, Nairobi,
Republic of Kenya