About Us

The Garden of Siloam is working under the Koinonia Ministries (church ministries), to provide children with disabilities and their families with comprehensive care and understanding beyond their disabilities. Although these children may all have challenges, their needs and situations differ hugely. We take this into consideration along with the individuals’ talents to provide them with the best care that we can.

In the first stage (5 years) we plan the following

Facility- To establish a facility and provide medical / rehabilitative and educational services based on Christian faith to children with disabilities
● Full time special education school:
● Rehabilitation services for out-patients (children) with disabilities (PT, OT, ST, Psychotherapy etc.)
● Diagnostic and consultative services for children with disabilities

Empowerment – To empower children with disabilities and their families
● “Parents support group” for sharing information and their feeling, and supporting each other
● Facilitating networking of families who have disabled children (within the facility, in-country, with overseas etc)
● Vocational training for children with disabilities and their families
● Income generating activities for families with disabled children

Community – To conduct outreach activities and sensitize/ educate the community members on disabilities
● Outreach activities at community for early identification of children with disabilities and providing rehabilitation services
● Train churches, community members including community opinion leaders, health volunteers and women’s groups, etc. on disability to reduce stigma and to obtain ideas of how to support children with disabilities and their families
● Training health care providers and teachers from existing facilities for better care of children with disabilities

We know it is not an easy job… but if nobody touches it, nothing is happening and we cannot improve quality of life of children with disabilities in Kenya! To achieve this, we are working in partnership with the government of Kenya, other partner organizations, and also those who are supporting this project in one desire, to see these children thrive.